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Top 25 MEP Contractors Rankings 2019 #7: Ashraf Samy Botros at Al Shafar United

Ashraf Samy Botros | ASU | Top 25 MEP Contractors Rankings

In 2018, the firm noted the importance of applying off-site MEP pre-fabrication into its projects.

Under the stewardship of managing director Ashraf Samy Botros, Al Shafar United (ASU) is predicted to grow its revenues from $218million to $245m in the current fiscal year; healthy growth by any standard.

A greater adoption of technology has helped fuel this positive forecasting. 

In 2018, the firm noted the importance of applying off-site MEP pre-fabrication into its projects.

Botros explained that this helped Al Shafar United achieve a reduction in labour costs and waste materials, as well as offering improved safety procedures, reducing installation costs, and improving the overall quality of work.  

For 2019, ASU has adopted a private/public Cloud strategy, and is utilising Big Data to make better use of statistics on potential customer projects, competitors, and predictive modeling of past performance indicators.

Botros told MEP Middle East: “Edge Computing/Private ASU Cloud is used to secure and ensure service management and access speed for our most crucial intellectual property, including ERP, BIM, and Project.

“We’re using Big Data to compile and analyse information on potential customer projects, competitors and predictive modeling of past performance indicators, resulting in future bid wins.”

Botros believes that ASU is uniquely positioned to continuously improve processes and efficiency up and down the supply chain through intelligent automation.

He explained: “Since much of our supply chain falls under the parent ASU Group, we have greater insight into their operations that allows us to create synergies via ERP and custom applications, resulting in many cost and time efficiencies.”

Botros went to say that ASU is ready for any test the industry can produce, and that client satisfaction remains top of the agenda at all levels of operation.

He added: “In the peak of our success, we keep improving to welcome new sectors in the construction business that will open new opportunities and create a competitive advantage in a unique form only ASU can deliver, ensuring high value to its clients.

“The construction sector encounters new challenges every year. ASU faces these challenges and transforms them into opportunities to grow as a company and to prosper in the market, and is always committed to being on top of the construction market.

“Regardless of the challenges faced by ASU, our top concern is our high quality of work and the client’s satisfaction.”