About Us

Our Vision

We aim to be leading MEP contractor in the GCC area by focusing on timely implementation of our projects and meeting expectations and requirements of our customers at the highest possible level

Our Mission

We strongly believe that success is based on pro-active and dedicated team work in a professional and ethical environment that leads to creative solutions and fully deserved rewards. This said, we always focus on safety, quality, detailed approach and, above all, diligent handling of budgetary means in order to maintain high standards at all levels of our activities, especially in dealings with employees, suppliers, subcontractors, and customers


The prime objectives of the management and the employees of ASU are to provide the Clients our best services taking in to consideration the price, the quality and the time limitation, keeping the business ethics as per our prime standard, and ASU is committed to Health & Safety, Openness, Flexibility, Integration, Innovation, Quality, Competitiveness, Team Work, Humility, and Responsibility & Integrity.


Uncompromising integrity, Honesty, and Fairness are at the heart of our company.


We plan and act for the future for the long term good of our company, our customers, and our world


Zero Accidents is our un-wavering goal, people’s lives depend on it.

Mutual Respect

Uncompromising integrity, Honesty, and Fairness are at the heart of our company.

Fair Return

We earn a return that fairly reward the value we deliver..

Company Strategy

In everything we do and invent at ASU within any given project, we continuously strive to predict how to meet the expectations of our clients in the most effective way and think what our clients may need in their day-to-day activity. We make this possible by creating a two-way communication channel with our clients, which allows for a more profound analysis of current needs, broader scope of cooperation and a more economical use of resources for achieving outstanding results. We care about our clients to preserve the reputation that we have built in our industry over the years of hard and diligent work

Group Operations

ASGC has developed a comprehensive network of vertically integrated subsidiaries, all providing a stable and consistent supply of building materials and services. Through long-term planning and support from these subsidiary companies, ASGC is able to offer its clients unparalleled confidence in our ability to deliver. Today, all companies are market leaders in their own fields, and work on independent projects as well as ASGC-managed projects.


Hard Block Factory

HBF (Hard Block Factory) is a leading manufacturing conglomerate established in the UAE to meet the increasing demand for quality products in the booming construction market. HBF manufactures all kinds of Masonry & Hourdi blocks, Paving blocks and Sholin blocks for the construction industry in the region. HBF management put quality and customer satisfaction as its first priority. The company has invested in the most advanced in-house testing and quality control facility and quality assurance technologies. HBF products are approved by Dubai Municipality, Public Work Department, Nakheel Development, Emaar Properties, and many other clients and international consultants in the region. In addition to supporting ASGC, HBF also supplies products to other key developers in the market.

JML was founded in 1990 in Newcastle Australia. Over the next 3 decades JML established itself as a leading architectural Façade and Glazing specialist undertaking iconic projects in Australia, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand. In 2006 JML UAE LLC was founded in the Middle East and over the next decades has proven itself to be a company that prides itself on its expertise in the field of Architectural and Engineered Facades. It’s a vertically integrated company, providing end to end solutions to the clients from design and engineering to manufacturing and site installation.


Mr. Mohammed SaifMohammedBinShafar

Company Chairman

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Mr.Emad Azmy Gendi

Company President

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Abdul Aziz Mohamed Bin Shafar

Vice President and Executive Director

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Bishoy Azmy

CEO and Executive Director

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Mr. Ashraf Samy Botros

Managing Director

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Al Shafar United Electromechanical L.L.C is dedicated to satisfy our customers by providing quality products & services on time & striving towards continual improvement. Our Management is committed to provide Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Electromechanical works to its clients for various projects and has established Quality Assurance / Quality Control Programs in a manner that strives to comply with ISO 9001:2008. ASU achieves the highest quality standards throughout the performance of its activities in meeting all the specifications and procedures of customer satisfaction and projects are executed in a manner that emphasizes on safety, quality and maximum cost effectiveness.

The ultimate objective of our company is to comply fully or surpass the quality standards established by the International Organization for Standardization. We believe that teams, not individuals, are the essential unit of this organization for achieving high performances.



ASU is committed to health and safety, Openness, flexibility, integration innovation, quality, competitiveness, teamwork, humility, responsibility and integrity. The prime objective of the management and employees of ASU is to provide the clients our best service taking in consideration keeping health and safety as our first priority . Our philosophy is to continually strive for a ‘Zero Accidents’ environment in our workplace; accordingly we enforcevery strict health and safety procedures throughout our operations, in the belief that all accidents can be avoided through these safety protocols.


The success of our focus on HSE is reflected in our OHSAS 18001(health and safety) and BS EN ISO 14001 (environment) accreditations.There are a number of methods by which we communicate HSE within ASU and these include site-based talks and reporting processes, meetings, audits, internal information sheets and of course training.Regular internal and external audits ensure that all our staff abides by the Company health and safety rules.

Health and safety training sessions that flag the dangers and benefits of non-compliance and compliance respectively are an important part of our agenda. ASU a major Electro- mechanical company in UAE , we are fully aware of our responsibility to the environment. We are genuinely committed to minimising the environmental impact of our activities.

Today, the construction industry is changing and being shaped as a result of technologies. Updates and upgrades in computer-based applications, as well as advancements in MEP contractor, mean that today’s construction industry is more reliant on new technology than ever before.

As construction practices adapt the latest technology, possibilities open up for better structures built more efficiently and with fewer errors - something that benefits all of us.

One of the most significant uses of technology in the construction field is BIM. ASU one of the first MEP contractors in the UAE implemented BIM.

ASU has chosen to used scatter of best software (Autodesk Revit and Bentley Aecosim) the internally hired BIM team members were trained by BRE academy on the implementation of BIM level 2 as per the BS1192 and PAS1192-2 standards.

ASU has further focused on developing in-house solutions and invest in new technologies: Revit addons written in C# and VBA to increase the efficiency of the production of shop drawings from Autodesk Revit and Bentley Aecosim.

ASU has developed its own software addons Augmented Reality (AR) for both Revit and AECOsim to increase the efficiency of the production of its models and drawings. Also, ASU understands the importance of applying the latest technologies available in the market, therefore it is investigating the potential use of AR (Augmented Reality) technology and invested in Trimble TX6 3D laser scanner which is being used to produce accurate and coordinated BIM models during renovation and expansion projects and as-built models during the handover stage.

ASU is also investigating the potential of using 4D Modeling for phase planning to visualize project milestones and construction plans, & 5D Modeling linked to construction cost estimation and purchasing generated from the data within the model, which could assist in the decision making to speed up the construction process.

Prefabrication Module Installation

The controlled environment and schedule time savings of prefab allows us to create the assemblies and products in a more productive way, which in turn shortens the installation time in the field.

ASU, through adopting the latest construction practices, has figured out the importance and benefits of applying the off-site prefabrication into its projects, to achieve the followings:

  1. Improving Quality of work
  2. Reducing activities timing and installation, T&C cost
  3. Reducing Labor Costs
  4. Reducing materials Waste
  5. Overall Facility Improvement
  6. Improved Safety